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Staying cool and refreshed is always possible with Air Conditioning, one of life's very fine inventions.  Rob Tackett's OC Air & Heat in Orange County is the company to call when you need and expert with over two decades of experience and who has truly mastered their craft while simultaneously being reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated to his Clients.


We have a number of different options to help you with all of your heating and air-conditioning needs.  Our services range from small refrigeration systems found in wine rooms and ductless mini-split systems found in computer rooms, to conventional, residential air conditioning systems as well as commercial systems ranging from small package units to systems up to 50 tons. You've come to the right place for first class HVAC Residential and Commercial air conditioning and heating services in Santa Ana, OC, Orange County, CA.


So for all of your cooling needs in OC, contact Rob Tackett's O.C. Air & Heat at 949-872-1883. We are open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm but offer 24 hour emergency service as well. (949)872-1883

Rob Tacket


HVAC Servicing OC Orange County and the Santa Ana area.

License# 997290

Licensed and Insured

Bonds Are Required By The State

OCAIRANDHEAT 24 hour emergency heating and air service in orange county. (949)872-1883
Call 949-872-1883
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